We tell our own stories at Lesley and all our content comes from  inside perspectives

We’re here to find each other, lift each other up and push each other forward! We’re here to shout about how great our friends’ are! Buy each other’s art! Read each other’s writing! Listen to, inspire and motivate each other!

Lesley Magazine is a free print arts, listings, nightlife and news publication run by and for LGBTQIA+ womxn, trans and non-binary people, and friends! 
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“Lesley magazine is an incredibly important space for LGBTQ + communities past, present and future to learn and understand about each other in such an easily digestible format. It bridges the gaps between spaces that wouldn’t otherwise be connected while organically encouraging collaboration and unity. It’s DIY approach makes it accessible to the masses while feeling very specific and special to our community. WE LOVE YOU!”

- Tia Simon Campbell, BBZ

“Lesley is a community driven haven. A free print publication focused on LGBTQIA+ womxn and trans experiences and communities feels necessary in this increasingly polarised and digital age. We need to know where we can find each other, how we can help each other and what we can celebrate together. This community needs to take up physical space and Lesley not only embodies this but points to wider irl ways to collectively engage.”

- Bella Podpadec, Dream Wife

“Lesley Magazine gives a beautiful and authentic look into modern day queer culture. I love being able to see real stories and lessons from incredible creative people that shows what our community is capable of. Lesley is brilliant, fun, spicy, and real.”

- Gabriella Grimes

“Our communities are saturated with cis, white, gay men’s stories and perspectives, and as crucial as these are, they aren’t the only voices in our communities that need to be heard. Lesley magazine hands a loudspeaker to the brown and black queer community in the UK, the AFABs and AMABs, the femmes, the butches, the androgynous, the trans men and women, the non-binary and gender-non-conforming babes, the drag artists of all genders in our communities. It’s a welcome breath of fresh air for the most marginalised in our communities who have long needed a platform that encourages us to bloom.”

- Anshika Kullar

Lesley gives a voice to the diverse experiences of a much marginalised group. I really believe in the work Kat Hudson puts into fostering a community by creating print/exhibition environments that nurture the artistic and intellectual expression of voices within UK centred queer and WLW communities.

- Jender Anomie

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